Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After many months, a new post. This time around we've got a few early Daredevil covers. The covers for issues # 5 (inks by Vince Colleta), 7, 10 and 11 are by the late, great Wally Wood; issues #12 (inks by Vince Colleta) and 15 are by John Romita Sr. Issue #7, where Daredevil battles Submariner is one of the classic, iconic Marvel covers of the 60's. This issue also features Daredevil in his red costume for the first time. Enjoy.


jason quinones said...

first, i think that first comment's spam. i got the EXACT same comment but from a different user. just delete it!

second, i really fucking envy your collection dude! how often do you pull these out the boxes to read?? daredevil is my favorite marvel character. covers #7 and #15 have classic/cool dynamic layouts.

shame the movie sucked balls though! DD needs a "batman returns-esque" revamp!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Hey Jason! Thanks for the comments...I'd almost forgotten about my own site and hadn't even checked in here for a couple of weeks! I do need to post some more on this blog. Lord knows I've got enough to talk about/share. I take a look at this stuff every now and then, but I don't really read them. Most of the early stuff I've got in those Marvel Masterworks collections. I'm not crazy about the coloring, though, on a lot of those - plus they're missing the cool old ads and the letters page! I agree on the covers to #7 and #15 - awesome!

And, yeh, the DD movie was a huge stinking pile of crap! A shame - A DD movie done right would/could be great!