Saturday, October 4, 2008

Toy Score of the Week

This past Friday, I took a lunch time walk with my friend, and fellow blogger, Rob, to the Toys R Us in Times Square. Within the last couple of months they've been having sales on the items they had in a series of glass display cases towards the back of the action figure area, up the ramp from the large mechanized T-Rex. These are mainly more high end items, the stuff you'd likely find at a comics specialty shop. They had the Corgi series of die-cast Marvel heroes, large scale Disney maquettes, Kotokubiya Star Wars kits and Master Replica Star Wars light sabers and such. A couple of months back I was there and was able to pick up the Corgi die-cast Colossus mini statue for just $29.99, which was a big discount from the original price of $89.99. Unfortunately, it was the last one, and they didn't have the box anymore, but that was just as well, as the box for that piece is huge, even if the figure is relatively small.

Anyway, this week, Rob and I had the good fortune to find that they were selling the Star Wars display cases that had been made for the Master Replica mini-lightsabers. These were originally selling for $29.99 (though you can find them online now for around $15.00 each) marked down to just $3.00! They had just three left, so Rob took one and I took the other two. They're perfect for displaying 3 3/4" Star Wars figures. I cleared away a shelf of books and replaced them with the two display cases and my Medicom 12" Stormtrooper. Pretty cool. I love a great deal!

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