Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toys I Have Known

This is me with a friend from my 2nd grade class at ASIJ (American School In Japan), at my family's apartment in Tokyo, in March 1975. On the floor you can see a bunch of my old Japanese toys, some of which I still have. The red robot in front of my friend is Robocon, a Popy die-cast figure from 1974. He was able to switch his legs for wheels, and you can see those off to the left. I still have that part, as well as the legs, but not the rest of him. Bandai did make an exact reissue of him, though, in 1999, and I've got that.

Check out the intro to his crazy TV show here:

Robocon Intro

Right next to Robocon is my Getta Robo base - I think the box for it is off to the right. I've still got that, as well, but I've only got one of the few small spaceships that you could shoot off the spring-loaded launch pad (and were stored in a secret compartment on the side) and maybe another piece or two. A few inches away is my Denzin Zaboga die-cast figure by Grip. I've still got him, but he's missing a few pieces, including his fist, at the end of a chain. I was able to find one in great shape, along with the box, on Ebay a number of years ago and you can see those pics below. Conspicuously absent is my Popy Kamen Rider Amazon figure, which you can see me holding, along with my Zaboga in the pics below. There's a few other items in this photo I haven't been able to identify, mainly the cars behind me and the boxes in the far background. I guess they could be for the stuff out in front of us. You'll also notice in this pic, my bangs cut rather short and unevenly. One day, my parents had left the apartment and I was left on my own. I guess my bangs were bugging me, and I picked up a small handheld mirror that came on a base, put it on the floor and found a pair of scissors and just started cutting away. I think this photo was taken after my father tried to even it out a bit more.

Here I am with my Kamen Rider Amazon and Denzin Zaboga figures, in March 1974. I think I had just had a chocolate bar before I took these pics.

The Kamen Rider suffered a broken leg, which at one point was Krazy Glued on, but I did wind up getting a nice condition one, with the original box on Ebay a number of years ago. Here we've got the box and figure for that one, along with my original one missing his leg, and a mini die-cast Gashapon version by Bandai from a few years ago. Here's the intro to his TV show:

Kamen Rider Amazon Intro

Here are the Ebay pickups along with my original Getta Robo base in the foreground.

These are pics of the Ebay Denzin Zaboga figure, made by Grip. It's a weighty die-cast figure. You can see in the pic above that you could add on wheels to the removable chest piece and make him into a motorcycle. His back compartment also opened up and you could store his handlebars in there. I've got a small die-cast version of Zaboga in motorcycle form as well. Check out the intro to an episode here:

Denzin Zaboga Intro

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