Sunday, June 15, 2014

New York Comic Con Special Edition Haul - June 2014

Had a great time at the inaugural NYCC SE, held at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. This show was focused on comic books and their creators, rather than having a lot of the extraneous stuff such as video games, movies and designer toys that the regular NYCC, held in October usually has. That convention is much larger and takes up the entire Javits Center. This show was much smaller and held  in the Javits NorthWing, the space that has been home to the Artist Alley section of NYCC the past two years.

Half the space was devoted to Artist Alley and the other half to dealers of vintage and some new comics, as well as a few toy dealers. There was much less of a crowd than the regular NYCC and it lent to a more relaxed atmosphere. There was still a large list of comics creators, both new and legends in the field. I was able to score a few cool commissions and pick up a bunch of comics to fill in the collection. I picked up my usual assortment of Marvel 70's horror comics, as well as some Cap and FF to fill in spots. I also upgraded a couple of Spider-Man's. The big comics purchase was a very nice  (Fine+) copy of Fantastic Four #28, featuring an early X-Men cross-over. My FF collection is now complete from #19-#293. Of the early issues, I'm missing #1-8, 10,12,13, and 18.  Unfortunately, I wasn't as smart in buying those early issues back in the day, when they were much cheaper, like I was able to with my Spider-Man collection (well, thanks to mom, mainly!), but even still, those books were expensive back then, at least relatively speaking.

Besides the comics, I picked up a bunch of commissions and pre-drawn art from some great artists. Clockwise in the photo, we have:

Mark Texiera (Ghost Rider, Vampirella) Bride Of Frankenstein 11x17 on bristol..Mark really went all out on this drawing. It's amazing!

Michael Dooney (Gizmo, TMNT) Bride Of Frankenstein 9x12 marker rendering. Sweet!

Russ Braun (Batman:Venom, The Boys) Batman - a freebie by my friend in my 7X10 sketchbook.

Jacob Chabot (Mighty Skullboy Army, Voltron) Doctor Doom - 8.5 X 11. An awesome rendition of the King of Latveria. Really great piece.

Ben Caldwell (Dare Detectives) Hellboy. 8.5 X 11. This was a pre-done sketch in his portfolio. Ben had loads of amazing pencil drawings, brimming with imagination, cool characters and poses and gorgeous, flowing pencil lines. His work is superb!

Eric Talbot (TMNT) Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also a pre-done painting in one of two large portfolios of Turtles art that Eric brought along. The framed cyclops silhouette robot Batman in the frame at top is also by Eric (the art is a print).  I really love Eric's work and see a kindred spirt in the art he does. He mentioned putting together a Kickstarter, featuring much of his sketchbook work that never gets to see the light of day. He was gracious enough to show me some of that stuff - and it was amazing! Hopefully he's able to get something together in the not too distant future and we can all enjoy it. Great art!

Jacob Chabot - Bride Of Frankenstein - in the middle, next to the Doctor Doom. This one is a cool companion piece to a Monster of Frankenstein he drew for me at NYCC in 2012.

All in all I think it was a great day. My pocket was seriously depleted afterwards, as is usually the case after NYCC...and now it's gonna be worse, since the next, even bigger NYCC is only 3 months away!

You can view scans of all the art at my ComicArtFans gallery here:

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