Friday, June 19, 2015

Dave DeVries - Hellboy @ Hasbrouck Heights Comic Show - May 31 2015

Once again it's been quite awhile since my last post on this blog - hard to believe it's been almost exactly one year since the last one! I hope to not go that long until the next.

Here's an awesome sketch by the incredible Dave DeVries of Hellboy. He drew this for me at the Hasbrouck Heights comic show at the Holiday Inn on Rt 17S, Sunday, May 31st 2015.

I also picked up a bunch more Bronze Age Marvel horror books which you can see here in the photo as well.

Dave is an extremely talented illustrator and is perhaps best known for doing a series of painted Marvel trading cards in the early 1990's. He's also known as being the creator of The Monster Engine, a book project and ongoing series of paintings in which he interprets a childs drawings and paints them in a realistic fashion. The results are always fantastic.

Besides the Hellboy, Dave also drew a really cool Sif for my good buddy, Evan as well as a cool Green Goblin for another fan.

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